Thursday, July 24, 2008

Latest Cloud Message?

We just received a strange message from Nick Boole. He claims it came from the black cloud directly to his phone! He faxed us a photo of it from a copyshop. The transmission was poor, but it resolves to this text:

I have a dream: The air is fresh
but smog blows through my heavy mesh
fifteen cars I make them legal
with the fed and for the seagull

Let us know if you can figure out what it means, and post to the sightings. Save the planet!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Del Sci del ZEN del Ti del Ci

After finally hacking my way into this site, I am in a position to correct some of the half-truths that have been spread around here about the Black Cloud, and then also about me. For example, the talk that my former employer, Greg Niemeyer gave somewhere in South Central. After going on and on about Venice or Florence, he said that I was nuts, and that the cloud is not real. The opposite is true. I am real, and the cloud is real too. The cloud is nuts, but I am not. I am just the messenger. And I am here to tell you that the only chance to learn about the cloud is by looking closely at the data of the sensors. It takes at least 12 sensors to see the cloud, so collect 'em all. I sent them to various places in South Central, because I know the cloud is there. I have to work in the background, but I am sure the citizens of South Central will find them. They did it before. They fought for justice, against incineration, and they will fight for knowledge. They will become citizen scientists they will run their own studies they will read the graphs and learn to tell the signs and here is a clue the cloud loves science and the cloud loves children and the cloud loves candles that burn all night.
I am Nick Boole. I find out stuff about where I live, and if don't like it or realize it makes me unhealthy I think about changing it then I discuss it with all my friends even those who passed on then I make changes and stick to them I don't cook with gas because the cloud does not NOT like it the cloud likes electric. The cloud hates the gases from people and from stoves and from peole's stoves.
Now I am citizen scientist. I know my rights. I know my tools. I work the tools and use my rights. It is a democracy for those who know and the cloud likes it when we raise our eyes and look, when we raise our heads and think, when we raise our hands and vote for we are ci ti ZEN sci en tists

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Black Cloud Books

For some reason, the Daily Polluter received a batch of almost 30 books from a certain RKL. They are all the same text, "The Black Cloud", but in different editions. The author is the British Astronomer Fred Hoyle. What to do with that stash? Well, The Daily Polluter read one of them. The novel reads well and is quite intriguing intellectually, but socially a bit dated. The whole novel has only two women in it, and each time, they bring tea and fall in love with dominant males. The Black Cloud itself, on the other hand, is not dated at all, a sentient mass of gas engulfing the earth, causing floods, climate changes, and even global warming. Sounds just like some of our cloud sightings. And it also...well, you should see for yourself. Now what with all the books? It would be great to find a high school teacher who would want a reading set of this book.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Scale Cluster

An emerging pattern in global warming is scale change. Some plants and animals, mostly insects, grow larger. Sardines got so much larger that the can sizes need to be changed. Glaciers and healthy forests become much smaller. Plants grow in regions where they never grew before and take over so-called native species.

But, as Maury Green says, "native is just a question of habits, and we have to accept the fact that habits change."

"Of course, when well understood, shifts in growth patterns can also lead to new economic opportunities." says Penny Woods as she refers us to the recent New York Times Magazine article on the potentially positive effects of  weeds on the climate. 

Indeed, according to famed biologist Bartholomew, "Size constrains virtually every aspect of structure and function and strongly influences the nature of most inter- and intraspecific interactions."

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

BID Lab Freak Leak

Big News! A researcher named Nicolas Boole has revealed some details about the inner workings of the secretive BID Lab. What he has to say is fascinating, however we cannot guarantee the truth of these statements - Boole lost his job following a nervous breakdown;
"The Black Cloud is alive! ALIVE I TELL YOU! They say I've gone mad, but they haven't seen what I've seen!
Everyday this spring I'd been collecting data - can't tell you how... After talking to Black Cloud witnesses I got this funny feeling that I was being followed. I locked myself in my apartment. I had to keep that dirty cloud out, so I switched all the lights on, turned the heat all the way up, sealed all the windows and doors with tape and started cleaning the whole place with Clorox.
I was feeling sort of ill when I heard some bizarro stat1c sounds coming out 0f my laptop. I listened closer and it seemed l1ke I could hear words. It t0ld me to c0me cl0ser. I walked over and suddenly the Black Cloud was all around me, techn1c0l0r eyes staring into my soul. I was f1lled w1th a kind 0f electr1c1ty - I felt l1ke I c0uld do anyth1ng! Kn0w anyth1ng! Take 0ver the w000rld!"(original sighting

BID Lab team leader Greg Niemeyer issued a brief statement;

"Mr. Boole was a genius but he was becoming impossible to work with so I had to let him go. He exhibited signs of megalomania - delusions that he had Godlike powers. We all wish him a speedy recovery."(official site)

A coworker, who requested to remain anonymous, said;
"Nick had become obsessed with Black Cloud data, studying the numbers collected from the sensors for days without sleeping. He suffered a major psychotic episode when asked to present his conclusions to the team, jumping up and down on the table shouting 'Me and Cloudy control you all!' Sheesh!"(original sighting)

Is there any truth to Boole's unbelievable statements? Did he catch some sort of Black Cloud Fever? Please post your observations to help clear this up!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Black Cloud on the Move!

After reviewing eyewitness reports from this week, The Daily Polluter has concluded that the Black Cloud has migrated North. A typical sighting reads;

"I work a crane in the Port of Oakland, and I seen some pretty funky things this
 week. I show up to work, the weather's fine. But soon as I start up that big ol' diesel engine it's like someone turned off the lights - I call it the devil smoke. I can't breathe so good and sometimes I see wild things what make me think I'm going nuts..."(original sighting)

The most intriguing news comes from a student;
"I live in a warehouse underneath "The Maze" - that huge highway interchange near the Bay Bridge? Last night when I got home I found this crazy blinky thingamajig in my kitchen!"

"'I don't remember putting that there,' I thought to myself and snapped a picture. Suddenly some psychotic intruder in a white labcoat jumped out of the dark, pushed me down, grabbed the thingy, and ran out, shouting 'PuffTron recovered!' I have no idea what he was talking about... What was it? Maybe some kind of remote control or mind-control beam or something." (original sighting)

The Daily Polluter wanted to know if the BID Lab was involved in this incident, but Greg Niemeyer declined to comment on the incident saying,

"The BID Lab will be creating a centralized network to analyze all the information we have collected on the Black Cloud. You will be notified when we make our results available to the public."(official site)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Greetings to the United States!

My name is Penelope Woods and I speak to you on behalf of the Xylon Corporation's new American division. [url][/url][link]The Daily Polluter[/link] has graciously invited me to testify as an "expert" on their site, verifying and denying community reports of this most mysterious Black Cloud. I am here as an authority on climate change, communication networks, and urban development.


The Xylon Corporation promises a new approach to real estate— one that merges modern concerns for the environment with the most [url][/url][link]advanced green technologies[/link]. Bold moves can lead to great fortune, and to quote the wise Roman Emperor Vespasian, "[url][/url][link]money does not smell[/link]."

So thank you to [url][/url][link]The Daily Polluter[/link]! I look forward to being part of this team.